Friday, December 9, 2016

La Certosa Island (Venice, Italy)

La Certosa Island by Igor L.
(La Certosa Island, Venice)
Photo taken by Igor L.
When somebody mention Venice in Italy you would probably thinking on beautiful Churches, old buildings, ancient streets, romantic channels, important museums and similar things but people actually not knowing that besides the main town there is a plenty of other small islands in its closest surrounding that can be reached with small public boats... One of these small islands is Isola La Certosa which was abandoned for many years and at one point in the past was even used by the military while today locals are trying to create a new tourist attraction from it.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence, Italy)

Santa Maria del Fiore by Igor L.
(Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Finally I got back from a well deserved vacation in Italy and the city that left strong influence on me after only a two days of visit was Florence! While walking among the very old streets, you can really feel the art history of this wonderful place where famous artists had left some of their own most important sculptural works. Besides the all beauty, I can say that Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is a real cultural world treasure and dome made by architectect Brunelleschi in the 15th century, simply can leave everyone breathless. Main square, Piazza del Duomo where Cathedral is located was in that time flooded with tourists which of course is case with the most of Italian towns but somehow I managed to see everything that I was interested in and continued forward...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Magic of Arasta Bazaar (Istanbul, Turkey)

Magic of Arasta Bazaar by Igor L.
(Magic of Arasta Bazaar in Istanbul)
Photo taken by Igor L.

If you've ever read some fairy tale story from 1001 Nights book than you can surely imagine those colorful Middle Eastern bazaars where it is possible to buy almost everything from needle to locomotiveI felt like I was in one of such places when I walked down in Istanbul Arasta Bazaar for the first timeProbably I would have stayed there a few days or even more just choosing between special Turkish color delights, scented soaps, spices, souvenirs, vintage items and of course all kinds of clothes but it was already time for me to go and markets have slowly begun to close while Istanbul drifted off to sleep in its magical dream under the full moon.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Meadow Of Floreffe Village (Namur, Belgium)

Meadow Of Floreffe Village by Igor L.
(Meadow Of Floreffe Village in Belgium)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Few days before festival in the village of Floreffe in Belgium countryside close to the Namur I had a chance to see how the whole place looks like without any annoying tourists and regular guitar dreadlocks hippies which will soon start to arrive and completely flood the area. Apart from a few cool streets with shops and a very beautiful old baroque houses, it looked to me that the whole Floreffe slept in a vintage dream and just waited to be waken up by some special occasion once in a whileThe view from the old monastery (fortress) is also specific with all meadows of this region which are so green like nowhere else. If you are lucky, sometimes you can see the cows or occasionally small wild animals.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beautiful Rossio Fountain (Lisbon, Portugal)

Beautiful Rossio Fountain by Igor L.
(Beautiful Rossio Fountain in Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Finally back in Lisbon (one of my favorite cities) at the same time rejoiced and saddened me because I stayed there only for a few days but that was enough time to meet some of my old friends and remind myself on a good old memories. Of course, for the location of meeting we chose the main Rossio Square right across Teatro Nacional D.Maria II. This square was popular even in the Middle Ages and known for its numerous gatherings and historical events which seems to have passed like a minute. While I waited for Portuguese friends to come, my attention was attracted by beautiful sculptural fountain of which I simply needed to take photography with my new camera.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

View From The Top (Madrid, Spain)

View From The Top in Madrid by Igor L.
(View From The Top in Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The advantage of getting to know the local people in Spain is that they can take you to a different places for which you never knew that they even existSince we have already walked on the streets of Madrid visiting many sights for more than a three hours my Spanish friend decided to enter into some recently constructed modern building. In that moment I really do not had idea what he actually wanted to show me, and we went to the elevator straight to the top floor. When I got out, I realized fantastic view on Madrid so we held there for about 15 minutes enjoying the afternoon with exclusive look on city center and its surroundings. What a cool place!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Budapest Opera House (Budapest, Hungary)

Budapest Opera House by Igor L.
(Budapest Opera House)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Budapest is full of some very old interesting buildings that have different stories and history but one of them took my special attention. It was the Budapest Opera House which was built in the late 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is possible to enter inside of the Opera House for free but only in the main hall while the tour through the whole building with tourist guide is charging with extra price. Ornaments and paintings inside of the opera building (that I will show in another posts) are simply amazing and often famous singers are performing here so that tickets are almost impossible to getHungary without a doubt can certainly be proud of its cultural content in their capital city!