Friday, July 10, 2015

View From Citadel (Namur, Belgium)

Only a few days before the "Esperanzah!" festival at the Belgium countryside village called Floreffe I had a chance to see how the whole area looks like without any annoying tourists and regular guitar dreadlocks hippies which will soon start to arrive and completely flood the site with their tents. Apart from a few cool streets with shops and a very beautiful old baroque houses, its looked to me that the whole Floreffe village slept in a vintage dream and just waited to be waken up by some special occasion once in a while. The view from the old monastery (fortress) is also specific with all meadows of this region which are so green like nowhere else. Before the festival I grab my chance and took the train to visit nearby Namur town which promised more fun at the moment then village itself...

View From Citadel of Namur by Igor L.
(View From Citadel, Namur)
Photo taken by Igor L.
Unlike the other places all across the Belgium, Namur town has some pretty vintage and dark atmosphere but compering to the some other towns here you are still able to feel very positive energy and mix of white, brown, grey and red colors somehow connected together. Walk through the town would not be completed if we do not visited its central attraction - medieval fortress called Cidatel of Namur! Walls from Namur Citadel we can classified among the best preserved around the Europe and some parts dates back even to 10th century which is simple fascinating. Surrounded by the river, and with a nice long walking path, town itself can be seen perfectly from the top of the whole medieval structure. At that point, it is almost impossible to make a bad picture because wherever you turn you will be amazed by look of this place and its unique environment.
Fountain of Abbaye de Floreffe by Igor L.
(Fountain of Abbaye de Floreffe, Namur)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Back to the festival site zone (about which I will write something more in the other posts) I spent a really good time listening to alternative music and meeting with great people but after everything was done the whole place goes back into its normal life. Who can even imagine that in the quiet village like Floreffe was held Esperanzah! main stage party just two days before this photography is made. Long time ago, Abbaye de Floreffe was used as a monastery, positioned close to strategic town of Namur area and today it is serving mostly for local educational purposes, but also and for manufacturing of the fantastic beer. It was my last day till my returning back home and I wanted to have some nice memory of this place which you can see on picture above with beautiful fountain, next to the Abbaye.

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