Monday, December 14, 2015

New Year Atmosphere (Óbidos, Portugal)

December is here and New Year holidays are getting closer. That reminded me to refresh some of my old memories and to look for the older pictures which I took somewhere around this time a few years ago. Perhaps my favorite spot in the whole Portugal is a small village named Óbidos that each year have so-called Christmas festival. This was of course perfect opportunity for me to drink Ginjinha Liquor from a sweet chocolate cup, warm red wine, trying some nice food in the local restaurant with friends and to enjoy in the magic of small streets covered with colorful decorations.
Bubbles In the Air by Igor L.
(Bubbles In the Air, Óbidos)
Photo taken by Igor L.

At the entrance of this unique beautiful village, you can suddenly feel some special positive energy that radiates happiness from fortification. Passing by the structures that have remained here since the time of the Roman Empire all seemed cheerful and ready for the festival program in which apparently, children enjoyed the most jumping around happy because for the first time in life they are able to see a snow (fake snow from the machine). Walking along the main street of Óbidos, local sellers have tried to present some of their traditional manufactured products such as soaps, towels, drinks, sweets and souvenirs set within the very nice small shopping houses. At one point the water bubbles started flying in the air and a bunch of people dressed as Santa Clauses began parade through the village.

Fake Snow Near the Fort by Igor L.
(Fake Snow Near the Fort, Óbidos)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Enchanted by the scenes that we have seen so far which already brought us back to the childhood, (with a little bit of help from the Portuguese warm wine) we went to the place where the main event was held. It was a Puppet Show that is more reminiscent of a musical with fantastic authors who have made the great effort to entertain the crowd that gathered to see this unusual theater. Right next, there was a house of laughter, then the girl who was dressed as a witch and was making variety of chemical experiments and finally my favorite Planetarium! We waited in the line for a while but it was worth it since within half hour of video presentation in circle we could see the stars, their constellations and detailed explanations.

New Year Atmosphere in Óbidos by Igor L.
(New Year Atmosphere, Óbidos)
Photo taken by Igor L.
Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to see also and other historically important things while I was already in the Óbidos. Certainly of all the attractions in the village somehow the most highlighted was for sure Igreja de Santa Maria and its gates where is write year 1890. Inside of the cathedral you can feel serenity with altar which is decorated with beautiful icons and stunting paintings. From the external walls of the Óbidos fortification with a great view on the valley with the Roman Aqueduck someone could only guessed how old this structure is while upon our returning back to home my eyes simply can not took out the look from Porta da Senhora da Graca which was painted in blue-white color with a precise details. Óbidos will always remain in my memory as a place where is worth to go back and later on I will have a chance to visit it again.