Tuesday, April 12, 2016

View From The Top (Madrid, Spain)

Madrid is a city full of pure energy which meets different contrasts of Spain and thus creating his heavy image which gains full weight that you can feel only directly in each street while you are inside of its events. I'm not sure about other parts of this country but here is flying hell during the summer heat and siesta is emerging as the only logical solution for its urban hot situation. While I was chasing under the street shadows in the late afternoon I thought that I was actually the only fool in that moment who is going out somewhere on this crazy temperature, but it definitely worth it to check all of these places that I could only read in tourist magazines while I was a kid.

View From The Top in Madrid by Igor L.
(View From The Top, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The advantage of getting to know the locals from Spain and their way of life, but also and people from any other country is that they can take you to the different places for which you never knew that they even existSince we have already walked on the streets of Madrid visiting many sights for more than a three hours my Spanish colleagues decided to enter into some recently constructed building. In that moment I really do not had idea what they actually wanted to show me, and we went to the elevator straight up to the top floor. When we got out, I realized fantastic view on Madrid which you can see at this photo, so we held there for about fifteen minutes enjoying the afternoon with exclusive look on city center and its surrounding!

Building of the Instituto Cervantes by Igor L.
(Building of The Instituto Cervantes, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Since I was with a group of the local young people as I already mentioned before my movements were restricted on a given route but I think that I still managed to visit all what I wanted and even moreBecause in my home city there is also building of Instituto Cervantes, during this small walking tour I accidentally discovered their headquarter and immediately took a photo of it. Instituto Cervantes for many years helping people from all around the world to learn and meet Spanish language which is great opportunity especially for the philology students who planing to use Spanish in their future works or during traveling.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid by Igor L.
(The Plaza Mayor, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

What is the capital city without its own main square? On this question Madrid is not left behind the others since it has one of the most spacious square called the Plaza Mayor which is due to various circumstances here since ancient 16th century. Of course look of the whole plateau, all surrounding objects and the Madrid itself has since then changed several times but it is still incredible how many buildings, churches and historically important places are preserved in almost perfect condition. Till the end of the day I also succeeded to visit stuffs like Teatro Real, Catedral de Santa MarĂ­a, Plaza del Callao and very nice Royal Palace of Madrid although I after realized that king is not exactly popular person among the Spanish people.

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