Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beautiful Rossio Fountain (Lisbon, Portugal)

Finally back in Lisbon, one of my favorite cities after a two for me very long years away at the same time rejoiced and saddened me because I stayed there only for a few days but that was enough time to meet some of my friends and to remind myself on a good old memories. The country where I spent one year of my life stayed as it has not changed at all and I still remember almost every street detail in the sunny Portuguese capital. Since nostalgia passed away I could now freely enjoy in walking towards my main meeting point and in talk with the company to evoke the old days.

Beautiful Rossio Fountain by Igor L.
(Beautiful Rossio Fountain, Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Of course, for the main meeting location we chose the city Rossio square right across the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II building. This square was popular even back in the middle ages and known for its numerous political gatherings and historical events which in Portugal seems to have passed like a minute. While I waited for my Portuguese friends to come and meet me, my attention was suddenly attracted by the beautiful sculptural fountain of which I simply needed to take photography with my new photo camera. I used this situation and to try out free tourist guide on my tablet, which later proved to be extremely effective application with a lots of details and supporting maps with marks...

Igreja de São Domingos by Igor L.
(Igreja de São Domingos, Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

After my favorite "Meia de Leite" cup of cheap coffee and good talk with friends at the local pastry store which was just near by, I looked up on already mentioned free tablet application if there was still something more interesting around Rossio square that can attract my attention. Others have suggested me that we can stop in front of the Igreja de Sao Domingos, which for some strange reason to this day I have never visited from the inside. Story of this church which dates back from the 13th century is unbelievable and even today while you are inside you can still smell smoke from the huge fire that here broke out during the 50s.

Miradouro da Graça by Igor L.
(Miradouro da Graça , Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Lisbon have a good view from almost all nearby hills which in short we should describe as an breathtaking experience. One of the most beautiful "Miradouro" (how they call those uphill plateaus) in the entire city and also my favorite one is Miradouro da Graça with a beautiful view on the sun drenched center of Lisbon and lots of young people sitting in the park below fence. Older people reading newspapers, tram station which is very close to the park area awaits its tourists and the nearby restaurants are working at the full steam. Castle of Saint George is perfectly visible from here and I can only wonder if there is anything else in the world comparing I needed in that special moment.