Saturday, April 15, 2017

Forte di Belvedere View (Florence, Italy)

Finally I got back from a well deserved vacation in Italy and city that maybe left the strongest influence on myself after only a two days of visit was Florence! While walking among the very old busy streets, you can really feel the full history of this wonderful place which was in the past scene of centuries long war between the two aristocratic Strozzi & Pazzi families. Some of the famous constructors, sculptors and philosophers had left their most important works right here and it is enough to just look around to realize that you are surrounded by the world's heritage.

Santa Maria del Fiore by Igor L.
(Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence)
Photo taken by Igor L.

When I go to the famous European cities generally I do not like to rely on free walking tours but this time I give them a chance and its needless to say that I was thrilled by the knowledge of our tour guide! Michelangelo's works, statues of all major artists from medieval time, squares, palaces, churches and stories which are somehow all united in this place. Besides the other beauty, I can say that Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is something what can stands out and the dome made by architect Brunelleschi in the 15th century, simply can leave everyone breathless. The main city square, Piazza del Duomo was in that time flooded with tourists which is of course the case with the most of Italian towns but I managed to hear all story from our guide despite the noise and to continue forward alone.

Dante Alighieri Monument by Igor L.
(Dante Alighieri Monument, Florence)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Search for fresh water has led me even to the great food! After I filled the small bottle with water from the nearby drinking fountain, I had noticed that the locals and other tourists stand in the line waiting for something. All of those people told me that in fact they waiting for a great sandwiches with prosciutto made in "All Antico Vinaio" bar which arrange sandwiches in front of you, so after only 20 minutes it was the best sandwich I've ever tasted! Since I had eaten very well, I went to another place that I still wanted to check and it was the Piazza di Santa Croce with a church and statue of "Dante Alighieri" in front of it.

Forte di Belvedere View by Igor L.
(Forte di Belvedere View, Florence)
Photo taken by Igor L.

End of that long sunny day and the sunset theater time was reserved for the other side of Florence by crossing the Ponte Vecchio bridge and directing towards hill. I was a little bit disappointed when the local security guys told me that it is possible to stay on Forte di Belvedere only till the sun comes down for some unknown reasons but I had enough time to enjoy on the fantastic Florence view and to come back straight to downtown while sipping wine which I bought together with others in the local supermarket. My recommendation to you is sitting on the wall next to Ponte Vecchio bridge where group of young people played guitars and made a great public show for all that we listened into the night laughing and remembering the funny moments...

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