Saturday, May 7, 2016

Beautiful Rossio Fountain (Lisbon, Portugal)

Finally back in Lisbon, one of my favorite cities after a two for me very long years away at the same time rejoiced and saddened me because I stayed there only for a few days but that was enough time to meet some of my friends and to remind myself on a good old memories. The country where I spent one year of my life stayed as it has not changed at all and I still remember almost every street detail in the sunny Portuguese capital. Since nostalgia passed away I could now freely enjoy in walking towards my main meeting point and in talk with the company to evoke the old days.

Beautiful Rossio Fountain by Igor L.
(Beautiful Rossio Fountain, Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Of course, for the main meeting location we chose the city Rossio square right across the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II building. This square was popular even back in the middle ages and known for its numerous political gatherings and historical events which in Portugal seems to have passed like a minute. While I waited for my Portuguese friends to come and meet me, my attention was suddenly attracted by the beautiful sculptural fountain of which I simply needed to take photography with my new photo camera. I used this situation and to try out free tourist guide on my tablet, which later proved to be extremely effective application with a lots of details and supporting maps with marks...

Igreja de São Domingos by Igor L.
(Igreja de São Domingos, Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

After my favorite "Meia de Leite" cup of cheap coffee and good talk with friends at the local pastry store which was just near by, I looked up on already mentioned free tablet application if there was still something more interesting around Rossio square that can attract my attention. Others have suggested me that we can stop in front of the Igreja de Sao Domingos, which for some strange reason to this day I have never visited from the inside. Story of this church which dates back from the 13th century is unbelievable and even today while you are inside you can still smell smoke from the huge fire that here broke out during the 50s.

Miradouro da Graça by Igor L.
(Miradouro da Graça , Lisbon)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Lisbon have a good view from almost all nearby hills which in short we should describe as an breathtaking experience. One of the most beautiful "Miradouro" (how they call those uphill plateaus) in the entire city and also my favorite one is Miradouro da Graça with a beautiful view on the sun drenched center of Lisbon and lots of young people sitting in the park below fence. Older people reading newspapers, tram station which is very close to the park area awaits its tourists and the nearby restaurants are working at the full steam. Castle of Saint George is perfectly visible from here and I can only wonder if there is anything else in the world comparing I needed in that special moment.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

View From The Top (Madrid, Spain)

Madrid is a city full of pure energy which meets different contrasts of Spain and thus creating his heavy image which gains full weight that you can feel only directly in each street while you are inside of its events. I'm not sure about other parts of this country but here is flying hell during the summer heat and siesta is emerging as the only logical solution for its urban hot situation. While I was chasing under the street shadows in the late afternoon I thought that I was actually the only fool in that moment who is going out somewhere on this crazy temperature, but it definitely worth it to check all of these places that I could only read in tourist magazines while I was a kid.

View From The Top in Madrid by Igor L.
(View From The Top, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The advantage of getting to know the locals from Spain and their way of life, but also and people from any other country is that they can take you to the different places for which you never knew that they even existSince we have already walked on the streets of Madrid visiting many sights for more than a three hours my Spanish colleagues decided to enter into some recently constructed building. In that moment I really do not had idea what they actually wanted to show me, and we went to the elevator straight up to the top floor. When we got out, I realized fantastic view on Madrid which you can see at this photo, so we held there for about fifteen minutes enjoying the afternoon with exclusive look on city center and its surrounding!

Building of the Instituto Cervantes by Igor L.
(Building of The Instituto Cervantes, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Since I was with a group of the local young people as I already mentioned before my movements were restricted on a given route but I think that I still managed to visit all what I wanted and even moreBecause in my home city there is also building of Instituto Cervantes, during this small walking tour I accidentally discovered their headquarter and immediately took a photo of it. Instituto Cervantes for many years helping people from all around the world to learn and meet Spanish language which is great opportunity especially for the philology students who planing to use Spanish in their future works or during traveling.

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid by Igor L.
(The Plaza Mayor, Madrid)
Photo taken by Igor L.

What is the capital city without its own main square? On this question Madrid is not left behind the others since it has one of the most spacious square called the Plaza Mayor which is due to various circumstances here since ancient 16th century. Of course look of the whole plateau, all surrounding objects and the Madrid itself has since then changed several times but it is still incredible how many buildings, churches and historically important places are preserved in almost perfect condition. Till the end of the day I also succeeded to visit stuffs like Teatro Real, Catedral de Santa María, Plaza del Callao and very nice Royal Palace of Madrid although I after realized that king is not exactly popular person among the Spanish people.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Foggy Victor Statue (Belgrade, Serbia)

Belgrade is maybe not the most beautiful city in the whole world but it is a place that has the most beautiful soul and this fact can confirm all of those tourists who have passed through the Serbian capital even once. The day I came back to my hometown and Serbia after a long journey for me has remained special. The first thing I wanted to do is to re-visit some of my favorite places including the Republic Square, Knez Mihailova street, će and of course Belgrade Fortress (Klemegdan). To find out and discover Belgrade itself you will probably need to stay at least a few days exploring the rich history monuments, buildings, museums, bars, cafes and cool party places that are among the bests in Europe with choice of music for everyone.

Belgrade Republic Square by Igor L.
(Republic Square , Belgrade)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Where should be the main starting point for walking in my beloved city was never into question! The meeting spot where most of the local people but also and all other tourists, passengers, lovers, students, workers like to stay or sit is definitely the Republic Square, next to the monument of Prince Mihailo. Unfortunately today it become increasingly popular to say "we will meet right next to the horse monument" and a lot of people simply do not care about poor Mihailo, who he actually was or what he did in the past for our country (you can google more about him since he was an very interesting person). In this photo behind the monument you can also see the National Theatre which has always maintained some good class performances.

Foggy Victor Statue in Belgrade by Igor L.
(Foggy Victor Statue, Belgrade)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Belgrade Fortress is a huge park full of history and with plenty of space for different activities especially for sport. I could not resist not to go there again and buy popcorns when the lights in these late autumn hours are slowly turned on one by one. Victor Statue that protects Belgrade from future invaders standing upright in the fog and fortress received special look that can bring you back in old medieval times when here passed various knights, nations, empires, kingdoms... Belgrade is also well known because it has been first founded and settled by the Celtic tribes where they called him "Singidunum" while Slavs after their arrival here give him today's name which in translation literally means white town.

WW1 Cannons on Kalemegdan by Igor L.
(WW1 Cannons on Kalemegdan, Belgrade)
Photo taken by Igor L.

More time separated just for fortress I had left for the next few days because of my job and other obligations. Next weekend Sun was shining, weather was perfect which gives me even more reasons to bring my camera once again to the old destination. This time, the victim of my lens was a Military Museum and cannons from the mostly WW1 era but there are also and some other stuffs from Balkan Wars, WW2... Open air museum have a great exposition of military equipment next to the main museum building, which is pure gold for all history lovers. This is an all time open air exhibition and entrance to the fortress is always free that puts Belgrade with some of the rare European cities which do not charging its admission for such an important location. However if you decided to enter in the building of the Military Museum itself, then you will need to pay some symbolic price and it definitely worth it since it is one of the best museums of this type in the world.