Friday, March 24, 2017

Large Matthias Temple (Budapest, Hungary)

Nice weather, then the raining storm after a long walk, then climbing all the way uphill and then raining again! That will briefly describe my whole adventure in Budapest, capital city of Hungary but it was definitely worth it, especially after crossing the famous Elisabeth Bridge for the first time in my life and looking into the blurry Danube river which reminded me on my home city. However I was supposed to visit all the places divided on Buda and Pest sides which was really hard task since my time was very limited but I tried my best and here are results. 

Large Matthias Temple in Budapest by Igor L.
(Large Matthias Temple, Budapest)
Photo taken by Igor L.
As a reward for my soppy walking sport activities in the front of me at the top sprung a Matthias Catholic Temple which by its appearance and history can easily beat and some of the most famous world monuments. This church survived several reconstructions over the centuries as well as several coronations and was witness of all significant events in the history of medieval Hungary. From here you can also clearly see the Pest side of the city and enjoy in unique park environment. In fact there at the top behind the church is a whole little town full of antique buildings and each of them tells its own story. After watching the replacement of the guards in front of Buda castle (later it turned out that I was lucky because I came at the right time) I set my attention to the other small streets on the totally opposite side of the area.

John Capistran Monument by Igor L.
(John Capistran Monument, Budapest)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Long day train ride that lasts for almost nine hours from Belgrade and all these weather conditions certainly swept me for a while but I still take a pause in front of each monument and suddenly I looked up into something that I recognize! Among the other things I accidentally came across St.John Capistran monument which for me like a historical freak is a very interesting figureFor those of you who do not know St.John Capistran was one of the main leaders in defense of Belgrade fortress from attacks by the Ottoman Empire during the 1456 year sage. This just reminds me of how much Budapest, Belgrade and the river Danube are in fact historically connected among them.

Budapest Opera House by Igor L.
(Budapest Opera House, Budapest)
Photo taken by Igor L.

After Buda, the time has come to visit and Pest side of the city which on my luck was flatter and more easy for walking with a lot of shops and modern streets. It was the Budapest Opera House which was built in the late 19th century during the Austro-Hungarian Empire that brings to me some attention. That day was possible to enter inside of the Budapest Opera House for free but only in the main hall while the tour throughout the whole building with a tourist guide is charging with extra price. Ornaments and paintings inside of the opera (that I will show in some of the other posts) are simply stunting and often a famous singers have prestigious performances here so that tickets for specific concerts on the same day are impossible to getHungary without a doubt can certainly be proud of its cultural, historical and tourist content in their capital!

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